About Us

20 Day Stranger social media application that is a collaboration between the greatest social researchers and web developers in the industry. This project focuses on personal responsibilities and valuing other people who are strangers to you. We’ve long wanted to have this kind of project. In fact, we have done a long preparation, planning, and development before finally releasing this to the general public to try. This is because we want our audience to simply enjoy every feature and benefit of the application. We want this project to be successful for operation.

20 Day Stranger Application is a one of a kind social media networking platform. It offers different features from others. First of all, it is safe. If you are wondering why, it is because we will not let your mate know every single information about you, even your name. You can chat, video call or voice call to each other anytime you want wherever you are in your country without your mate tracing you. Just like any other social media networking sites, however, it does allow you to communicate with strangers from the other side of your country.

Our developer who creates this kind of social media network site is one the best and the most excellent in the industry. When it comes to this project he has the biggest contribution and next to him are the researchers. They spend lots of time studying this ambitious project. All we aim is to make you satisfied and happy with what we offer. Also, we are open to any suggestion you have to make the 20 Day Stranger better than before.

We are hoping that the project could have a future success and we need your help to support this. If you are looking for a better social media network, we recommend trying this app. We are hoping for your support and for the successful project and for future updates.