Bring Yourself To The Other Side Of the World

Millions of people around the world are using the internet to meet new friends from other cities and countries. Most of them have social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google+, and more. Social Media Networking Sites does not only offer you to have new friends, post your photos and chat with friends but they also help people expand their businesses locally and internationally.

Sad it may be, but we have to accept the fact that social networking sites are closely part of our lives now especially the younger generations. The communication and technologies are growing faster and visiting their grandparents is no longer their priority. Instead, they spend hours browsing on the internet during their free time. People are eager to make friends and communicate with strange people from all over the world and it doesn’t look strange anymore. However, amid all the benefits these social media networking sites may bring, let us not forget that because of this, it is possible that you are compromising your identity and personal information. This is because these websites collect information about you as you sign up for an account. It is not good for us and of course, we do not want it to happen when the personal information we give them on our time of registration to leak.

Fortunately, our 20 Day Stranger Application which is available to download all over the world offers a much better experience in a social media network. While the internet offers great development with its availability globally, we have brought a new way of reaching people around the world. If you are thinking to visit other countries, experience their culture or make friends with strangers why not try first our application called 20 Day Stranger. It is a social media application that you can download from google play store and apple store for free. Just like other social media networking sites, it allows you to communicate with your friends from all over the world without leaving your garage door in Henderson behind. However, 20 Day Stranger has a lot more to offer and it is far better than other famous social networks. In this application, there are two different worlds that will spend their 20 days getting to know each other, their cultures and even the country they came from without knowing any personal information about each other. When you register, we will find a person to match with you and who is willing to know you. You can know the area where they are but not the specific information on their location and of course personality will be kept private too. We will let both of you discover the things about you and your countries and be friends in the end through communication.

Seeing the other side of the world is possible while communicating with other people and by sharing your interest using the 20 Day Stranger App. We invite you to download the app. It is free and always will be. Browse through our website to know more about the 20 Day Stranger App. You may also want to visit the play store and immediately download it so we can immediately match you with another person.