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Q. What is 20 Day Strange20 Day Stranger?
A. 20 Day Stranger is a social media network, an application where you can through a mobile. The two individual strangers where can share their experience in their world while keeping the personal information anonymous.In this app, it will let your imagination flow and start to think on the stranger’s lives.

Q. How does 20 Day Stranger work?
A. First, you will register and then it will automatically be partnered with a stranger immediately.Your mate will be given an idea on where you are based on the GPS. But, do not worry! Your location is safe. We will not give any information to the person who will be partnered with you. We will never ever share the name of the area you are in or the name of the city.

Q. What type of phone should I use?
A. We recommend using iOs or Android mobile devices. Outdated and old mobile phones will do notwork on our application. Please also use the phone that you always carry.

Q. How do you pair two strangers?
A. Our team is doing our best to pair the people who are far from each other as much as possible. We will not let you wait for too long for you to get partnered. We have a great team who are working hard to pair you immediately from someone far from your country.

Q. Does the 20 Day Stranger consume big data on my phone?
A. Actually, the 20 Day Stranger does not consume much of your data. It features very limited content so you do not have to worry a lot. Try it now. Download in Google Play store or at the Apple Store. It is Free and it will allow you to meet a partner.