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I love this social network app. Although it will not allow you to chat with different people at the same time, it will help you focus on one person and learn to value their personality and culture.

I just downloaded the 20 Day Stranger mobile application, and I can say that I am fully satisfied with the features and how it works with me. After I signed up the application, they gave me a partner faster than I had first thought. I am now communicating with my partner and learning her personality, imagining her visual, etc. Thanks to the people behind this 20 Day Stranger.

Hi, 20 Day Stranger! Thank you for providing this kind of social network site. It is different from others like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others. This one is unique as you have to communicate with one person in 20 days, trying to visualize them and know their personality without even knowing them. I am having fun using this app, I love how they create it and the features are incredible.

This App will let you share your life in 20 days staying its anonymity. It is a little bit stalker-ish because they will let know where you are. However, the name of the park example and the name of the area will not be given to them. So it is still anonymous to them when it comes to your information. It is like opening a small window of your life to them. I personally like this kind of idea and I hope it will be successful.